Mevlana NV was founded in 1991 by businessman Cetin Eryilmaz,
who was born in Koersel-Limburg to a family of Turkish immigrants
with roots in Central Anatolia. His parents ran a butcher's shop-cum-
grocery, where Cetin learned the butcher's trade at an early age.
Cetin began his career in the catering industry at McDonald's in
1984, and after completing an internal management programme
became a branch manager at one of their Antwerp facilities.
However, lack of prospects caused Cetin to take evening classes
in accountancy and company management as well as a butcher's
diploma in order to start his own business. Having completed his
courses, he resigned in 1991 and started his company
under the name "Mevlana NV".

Cetin applied the knowledge of optimal hygiene and technical
organisation he had acquired in the multinational environment
at McDonald's to his own company. His knowledge of the mass
production of meat-based products and his own practical
experience as a butcher led him to develop a range of
döner products for retailers.

A market study showed that high product quality and consistency,
good service and prompt delivery were essential to success and
customer satisfaction.

Today, 33 years on, this philosophy has remained
unchanged and quality has remained the top priority
at Mevlana NV, hence the relatively small product